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clay::plugin::ClayModuleManager Class Reference

Plugin Module Manager Class. More...

#include <clay_plugin.h>

Public Member Functions

 ClayModuleManager ()
 Constructor function.
 ~ClayModuleManager ()
 Destructor function.
ClayModuleLoadModule (const std::string &sLibraryName, const std::string &sLibraryFilePath)
ClayModuleFindModule (const std::string &sLibraryName)

Detailed Description

Plugin Module Manager Class.

Member Function Documentation

ClayModule* clay::plugin::ClayModuleManager::FindModule ( const std::string &  sLibraryName)

Find out a module by its name

sLibraryNameThe module name
The pointer of the module found
ClayModule* clay::plugin::ClayModuleManager::LoadModule ( const std::string &  sLibraryName,
const std::string &  sLibraryFilePath 

Load a module by its name and its DLL file path

sLibraryNameThe module name
sLibraryFilePathThe DLL file path
The pointer of the module

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